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Review of AIIMS Vol 1,2 (Edition 11th)

by Ashish Gupta , Amit Tripathi

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Referenced with Harrison 17th edition Aiims Questions Bank, the oft repeated, most challenging most important and believe me guys, the most nerve wrecking. Questions of AIIMS as most of us know, are never straight forward, never directly factual but are utterly conceptual. It requires thorough knowledge of the basics of the subjects. By detailed analysis and experience of most, it has been proved beyond doubt it is the AIIMS Question bank which is the basis of PG Entrance Exams, be it AIIMS (of course), All India, UPPGMEE, MP, Karnataka, Maharashtra. Period. AIIMS Question Bank is the most trendy, awake to recent changes in treatment profile, drug of choice, investigation of choice etc. Questions of AIIMS are framed after thorough research, to test our knowledge of the subject matter, how we exclude closely related conditions and our intellect to choose the right answer based on the deep conceptual knowledge of various clinical conditions, rather than meaningless mugging up of attributes of diseases and characteristics of different topics. AIIMS examination section possess efficient setup for framing and setting up of question papers. These facilities are made use by most of the state PG Entrance Exams. Upon looking into the past, it is abundantly clear that many state PG Exams were exactly on AIIMS pattern. So questions in Karnataka, Maharashtra, UP, AP, Rajasthan, MP etc. PG exams bear a striking resemblance to AIIMS questions albeit with minor differences. It seems AIIMS is like professional agency who conducts & help other bodies to undertake the process of PG Entrance Exams. So if one starts to look for one question bank to rely on for getting hold of various PG entrance examinations, we are sure it shall be that of AIIMS. This book helps you to tackle such subtle changes in question substance by providing concepts & clues which will prove to be the key in solving difficult questions We would like to admit that explanation to most of the questions are lengthy & detailed, but they give a thorough insight into the basic points about a particular topic. We are very well aware of the fact that long explanations are tiring & time consuming especially in the final moments of the preparation, but contrary to popular notion of making the book restricted to answering the question only, we have given priority to complete handling of the topic incorporating the high yield facts. To maximise the output from this book, more important points and facts have been highlighted and previously asked questions are super scripted with stars (*), still we expect you to do the same with facts & statements you find to be worthy of further revision at the eleventh hour. We recommend you to read this book thoroughly twice or thrice, highlighting important points & facts while reading and then restrict your reading to only these highlighted portions in further revisions. So that you save precious time at the death.

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